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The Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka was established in 1998 by the decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska No. 1-605/99 of July 15, 1999. The need for such higher education institution had been decades-long; the high concentration of young people interested in art categories as well as an enormous lack of trained actors, painters and musicians were a sufficient reason for a number of professors-artists, principally Professor Milorad Kenjalović, Professor Dr Miljko Šindić and Professor Ljubomir Gajić, to realize the set goal, i.e., to establish the Academy of Arts. Using the experience and models of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, our Academy begun. It was originally constituted of three departments which later on developed into study programmes - Dramatic Arts, Music Arts and Fine Arts, which are still today.

Although the problems concerning the premises and staff and financial problems marked the first year of the Academy’s operation and existence, they were not an obstacle for quickly reaching outstanding results, both in the domestic and European framework. With a huge effort and exceptional abilities of the Academy leaders, an adequate teaching space, excellent staff in key art areas and regular financing was provided. It was particularly invested in young staff that sees its future in our Academy.

We are proud of our results; in the period 1998-2013, 555 students graduated from the first cycle studies, while 6 master theses, 61 magisterial theses, 4 specialist’s theses and even 6 doctoral dissertations were defended. We are greatly proud of the results achieved by our students; their participation in artistic, cultural and public life in Banja Luka is of essential importance and has fundamentally changed general cultural atmosphere. Our students or graduates are the main power of the repertory of theaters, the gallery and museum walls are decorated with the pictures of academic visual artists, while music life is entirely created by exceptional musicians. Each of student participation in any of the Festival in the region and Europe has been awarded. The list is impressive and it would take a lot of space in this artistic presentation of our house.

Also, we are proud of our active participation in the revitalization of the artistic and cultural life in Bosnia and Herzegovina; here we are an essential link in reestablishment of connections interrupted by the events in our region. Surely, the most important is our cooperation with the related institutions of higher education in the Federation of B&H and festivals which reunite the artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, our production and organization of the events that surpass the local framework are considerably important.

Today we are working in the premises which satisfy artistic needs in total area of 4,000 m2. We are technology-equipped, communicating with the whole world. Our teaching staff is almost an ideal combination of experienced and trusted teachers and those younger ones who are growing up on an equal footing with them. Hence, there is an extraordinary communication between the staff and students.