Entrance Examination Terms

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Entrance requirements for Bachelor studies (1st cycle studies) include a four-year secondary school degree and a successfully passed entrance examination. The Entrance examination consists of written, oral and practical part(s), the interview in front of the Commission and submitted papers review. Each study programme and the department have its own examination requirements.

All the candidates take the entrance examination determined for each study programme. The result achieved by the candidate at the entrance is evaluated by points. The ranking list is compiled by the total number of points for each candidate based on the established criteria. The candidate can win a maximum of 100 points as follows:

1. a maximum of 50 points earned for the success in previous education;

2. a maximum of 50 points earned for the success in the entrance examination.

The candidate who wins at least 15 of maximum 50 points at the entrance examination will be considered to have passed (both for the bachelor’s and master’s studies). The candidate who has passed aptitude and ability test has the right to be ranked in a unique list. The Academy determines the order of candidates who have passed the exam by the total number of their earned points.

The rankings are published on the notice board and website of the Academy of Arts within 24 hours after the end of entrance examination. The candidate has the right to object if he/she considers that the entrance exam has not been held in accordance with the Law, By-law and general regulations at the University of Banja Luka. The candidate may submit a complaint to the Dean within 36 hours after the publication of the ranking list. The Dean makes a decision on the complaint within 24 hours after receiving the complaint. 

Foreign citizens can enroll studies under the conditions prescribed by the Law and Regulations at the University of Banja Luka.

Application forms should be submitted to the Students Services of the Academy of Arts.

Also, the applicants should submit: 1) required documents 2) artworks, theoretical or scientific papers, the list of notable public performances or published works which show the candidate’s aptitude for studying in a particular study direction.