Entrance Examination

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The entrance examination consists of two eliminatory parts

Programme of the first eliminatory part:

a) a recitation (of the candidate's own choice)

b) a dramatic monologue (of the candidate's own choice)

c) a monologue from a domestic playwright's comedy (of the candidate's own choice)

Candidates are required to perform all three tasks from memory. Also, they may be required to perform (improvise) some additional tasks in order to be more fully assessed.

In the first eliminatory part, the Commission assesses the ability levels of candidates and entitle them with  "ACCEPTED FOR THE SECOND ELIMINATORY PART – short-listed candidates" and "NOT ACCEPTED FOR THE SECOND ELIMINATORY PART“.

In the second eliminatory part, the Academy teachers work individually with the short-listed candidates. The short-listed candidates also take the written test, while the Committee assesses candidates’ talents and skills. By means of tests, interviews, exercises and rehearsals, teachers assess speech apparatus and characteristics, voice characteristics, a sense of rhythm, physical and psychological abilities as well as creativity and adaptability.

The Commission views and establishes the results of the ability test for each candidate according to the following categories:

а) Voice and speech

b) Movements and appearance

c) Potentials for being remarkable in acting profession 

The third part is a display of candidates' work done in accordance with given instructions during the several days of training.