Entrance Examination

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Candidates are required to submit their original play for performance on the stage or television or in a movie, or a documentary, or a radio drama for children or adults, or theoretical work in the field of theater and film dramaturgy (required in the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, printed in triplicate).

The entrance examination consists of two eliminatory parts. 

First part

а) General knowledge test

б) Film screening and the written analysis of the shown film

в) Writing a dramatic scene on a given topic in a particular medium of the candidate's own choice (stage, radio, TV or film)

Having read and analysed all the works, the Committee selects the candidates entitled to access the second part of the exam.

Second part

 Oral examination includes a face-to-face interview between candidates and the Committee considering candidates' written part of the exam, general ability test, knowledge check (domestic and world drama and film) as well as candidates' familiarity with theater, art and literature.