Entrance Examination

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The entrance examination consists of two eliminatory parts. The first part short-lists the candidates for the second part. 

First part

1. Work written at home (in order to take the entrance examination, the candidate has to submit this work with the application for the admission procedure). This includes the analysis and the performance ideas about the play chosen by the professor who is to receive a class of students in his management. The work should not exceed 10 printed pages. The following issues have to be incorporated into the analysis: theme, synopsis, the analysis of the characters (their main character traits), the reason for the conflict between the characters, what happens in the play, the reasons for performing it, where the play would be performed (it is desirable to submit sketches), and finally costumes (it is also desirable to submit sketches).

2. Written work on a given topic

3. Written work in performing arts, general culture and required literature (duration 45 minutes)

4. Oral examination in front of the Committee. The Committee will interview candidates about the written works, evaluate their knowledge on the areas of theater and drama literature as well as their own understanding of the given literature. Apart from this, they evaluate the candidates' knowledge in other artistic fields and general knowledge, as well.

After the first part of the examination, the Committee selects the candidates entitled to access the second part of the exam.

Second part

1. Sound inspired scene test

2. Artistic feeling and the feeling of space tests

3. Hearing and the sense of rhythm test

4. Creativity test

5. Practical work

6. Practical work conducting before the Committee

7. Practical work presentation

 The candidates who pass the second part of the entrance examination will be entitled to enrol this department.