Entrance Examination

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Apart from the requested admission documents, the candidate must submit:

1. Portfolio (with his/her works)
The portfolio should include nude and portrait studies and the works of the candidate's own choice. Besides drawings, the portfolio should include media works such as animation, video, sound recording, photographies, collages, texts, etc. The portfolio shows the candidate's skills, interests, ideas and ambitions.
2. Motivation letter
In this letter, the candidate explains his/her desire to enroll at the Academy of Arts, his/her expectations from the study and why this department corresponds to his/her artistic needs. Also, the candidate puts into words what he/she knows about animated film, new media and contemporary art. Finally, he/she defines what has inspired him/her to make a decision to enrol on this department and the like.
3. Resume
The entrance examination lasts 3 days. It includes 3 parts.

First part

a. WRITTEN TEST – The test consists of thirty questions on film and culture (duration 60 minutes).
b. WRITTEN WORK – An essay on one of the given topics covering art, media, performance, installation, film or animated film (duration 120 minutes). The Admission Committee evaluates theme development, literacy, style, the degree of use of literature, and finally, the candidate's personal attitude.

Second part

а. Drawing (portrait & nude; composition-space solutions)
b. Drawing/interpretation of some public/intimate place from memory or of an imaginary place in accordance with the given topic.
c. Drawing a cartoon book (with no text) based on a short written story.

Third part

During the interview, the Admission Committee evaluates the candidate's abilities, creative potential, character traits as well as his/her interests and aptitude.
Candidates present their portfolio works, explain the procedures, the process of creation, motivation and inspiration.
The Committee evaluates what candidates have done during the first and the second day of the examination. During the interview, a psychologist is also present.
Basic computer and English language skills are desirable.
Candidates are required to bring their ID documents, drawing boards, papers and drawing materials (charcoal, pencil, pen, ink and other).