Student Organization

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Student Organization of the Academy of Arts (SOAU) was founded in Banja Luka on February 21st in 2005. It was founded by the students of our Academy with the aim of connecting and associating students as well as reaching joint aims and goals. SOAU is the organization of all the students of the Academy of Arts in Banjaluka. They focus their efforts on the improvement and advancement of quality standards of study and educational and scientific system. Also, their efforts are focused on the establishment and improvement of cooperation with other universities, student organizations, scientific, cultural and educational institutions (at local, national and international level).

SOAU certainly includes Student Organization Assembly whose work is public and is regulated so as to provide a collective work, responsibility, equality in decision-making for all members and bodies and in the implementation of their rights, duties and responsibilities.

The organization is willing to help each student - together we are going to create a student body that is functional, diligent and professional. We are interested in your problems and concerns, and we are also open to all suggestions and creative ideas. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the following numbers:

Mila Panić 065/ 453 – 084;

Maja Vujanović 065/ 828 – 553;

Dragana Đedović 065/ 481 – 914