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Dekan Akademije umjetnosti


About the Library

A library is a cultural and information institution that systematically collects, arranges, preserves and makes available library materials of scientific, educational, artistic and general cultural significance. The library of the Academy of Arts, like the Academy itself, is one of the youngest higher education institutions, and it is an integral part of the scientific and teaching infrastructure of the University of Banja Luka. In the library, measuring 56 square meters, beside the library book fund, there is also a reading room with 20 seats. The library and the reading room are located in the basement of the Academy of Arts building in room no. 8.

  • Library manager

    Nataša Pavlović

  • Senior librarian

    Milka Kerović   

Library book fund

There are 13913 library units available

According to its purpose and needs, the library has different types of library units: monographic publications, musicals, serial publications, audio - visual materials, but also a large number of catalogs and other materials used by students in everyday work. The library also has editions of the Academy of Arts, which we are very proud of. The total book fund of the library is 13913 library units and it has a tendency of constant growth. However, it should be noted that the library fund has been greatly enriched in the last three years, thanks primarily to the gifts of related institutions and individuals.
In addition to the basic collection, circulatory and reference collection, the library also has an important collection consisting of the legacies of Vasa Popović and Vlado Milošević, given by their families to the Academy of Arts for use. These important collections are separated from the active fund and housed in separate rooms with limited access.


Personal library of the late Prof Dr Vojislav Korać

  • The first legacy is the personal library of the late prof D. Vojislav Korać, a regular member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts from Belgrade.
    He was a Serbian historian of architecture. He dedicated his life to the study of Serbian medieval art and architecture, especially its connections with the Byzantine world, and the influences of Italy on the eastern shores of the Adriatic. Professor Korać highly valued education both in shaping the personality and in shaping the national being of his people. Academician prof. Dr. Korac wanted his library to serve that purpose. His legacy contains 1923 publications, of which 1593 monographic and 400 serial publications, as well as a large number of separates, slides, films and photographs.
    A large number of books are in Italian, German, English, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek and Armenian, Kyrgyz and Macedonian.
    Legacy books are registered in the Library inventory books and placed properly in the showcases of a special room.

    The legacy is separate from the active fund, and only librarians have access to it. The collection is used in accordance with the law of legacy.


Personal library of Prof Dr Miljko Šindić

  • Professor MIljko Šindić is also one of the founders of the Academy of Arts, and by bequeathing his personal library to our library, he placed his trust in the Academy of Arts and the University of Banja Luka.
    Šindić's legacy contains 1670 publications; 429 professional literature books, 647 books by native writers, 26 books of selected poetry, 279 books by other writers, 216 periodicals, 20 books by Miljko Šindić 20 books, special editions, and 53 unique books.
    Legacy books are registered in the Library inventory books and placed properly in the showcases of a special room.