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Hyperproduction of program contents, as a consequence of digitalization, accelerated information, and technological development, imposes the need for educated producers, equally in film, electronic media, and theater, which is the basis of dramatic expression. The academic producer knows the technology of work in art and media and the culture market, where he creates trends, develops the audience, and directs needs, professionally realizing himself in a dynamic environment with high earning opportunities.


In the school year 2021-2022, future students do not enroll in Production.



Bachelor Studies

After Bachelor studies, i.e., first cycle, students get the title – bachelor in dramatic and audiovisual art - 240 ECTS, producer.

The Curriculum for Production is not available in this moment.


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    Applications are submitted to Student Administration Offices of the Academy of Arts. During the application process, candidates must submit: 


    For more information, please contact us.


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    Entrance exam

    Entrance exam consists of three parts.

    The test consists of 60 questions (duration 45 minutes). The candidate must correctly answer minimum 41 questions in order to be entitled to take the second part of the exam.
    Second part - WRITTEN WORK includes an essay on one of the given topics which relate to theater, film, television, radio or culture (120 min). The Committee evaluates theme development, literacy, style, the degree of use of literature, and finally, the candidate's personal attitude.
    Third part - INTERVIEW 
    During the interview, the Admission Committee evaluates the candidate's abilities, creative potential, character traits as well as his/her interests  and aptitude.

    Obligatory literature 
    • Fundamentals of Film Production, Sreten Jovanović, script, FDA, Belgrade, 2005.
      Fundamentals of Television Production, Zoran S. Popović, script, FDA, Belgrade, 1997.
    • Video production, (chapter Organizational-production relations from pp. 169 - 241), Miloš Babić, PhD, Cekombooks, Novi Sad, 2008.
    • History of film 1 , (Chapter 1, pp. 11 - 58), David A. Cook, Clio, Belgrade, 2005.
      • Joakim Vujić's Theatrical Creation and Anatomy of Radio, edited by Dr. Nikola Maričić
    • History of Theater - The Whole World is a Stage, Harwood Ronald, Clio, Clio, Belgrade, 2019.
    • or History of Theater, MolinariČezare, Vuk Karadžić, Belgrade, 1982.

    There are organized preparation classes and consultations for the entrance exam.

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    Ranking list and enrollment

    The right to be presented on the ranking list is achieved by the candidate who has passed the entrance exam which estimates the skills and talents of candidates (aptitude test) and which is determined by the Academy of Arts.
    The ranking list of the candidates for the enrolment in this art programme is determined according to:

    • General success achieved in secondary education (success in all subjects and grades of a four-year high school)
    • Results achieved in the entrance exam or the aptitude test.

    The number of points achieved on the basis of general success is obtained by multiplying the average grade in all subjects of a four-year high school by the number 10 (ten)
    At the entrance exam or aptitude test, the candidate can achieve from 0 (zero) to 50 (fifty) points. According to both criteria, it is possible to achieve a maximum of 100 (hundred) points. Candidates who did not achieve more than 15 points in the entrance exam are not eligible for enrollment.