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Fine Arts

The primary purpose of the Fine Arts Programme is educating the artists who will use their artistic activities to improve the art scene in the city, the Republic and the region. Encouraging the initiatives for their artistic activity is the most important goal as well as their developing critical awareness of their work and the phenomena that make contemporary art practice.

Fine Arts on Academy of Arts Banja Luka


For whom

For those who want to achieve real basics for creation in the field of art and other fields of visual research and building their experience become real artists.


Degrees and titles

Art programme is organized into two-cycle education.
Bachelor degree consists of 240 ECTS credits. After obtaining them, students achieve the title of graduate artists.
Master degree consists of 300 ECTS credits. After obtaining them, students achieve the title of master.


Fine Arts

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    Painting and Intermedia Art

    As our future students of Painting aim to develop their drawing and painting predispositions and talents, they activate their contemporary art practice in new media and experimental art.


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    It is for those who want to achieve firm fundamentals for creative practice in art with the emphasis on printmaking techniques.


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    Graphic design

    Today we are living in the era of visual communication, Internet and social media when graphic design occupies a vital role. We cannot imagine any economic activity without a good-quality graphic design.